Kitty Litter: Snow outwits these invincible queens


Queens and Snow ̶ Must have been 4 gazillion pictures posted on every social media outlet with silly queens and the rare weather phenomemon, known in other parts of the world as “snow.” One queen came into the Spotlight, just boohooing about her new BMW which hit another car ‘cause it didn’t stop in the snow up in Summerlin. She thought if you have all wheel drive it should stop on a dime. Dumb ass!

I still laugh when recalling the snow story of Guy Sheets driving up the hill on his way home to Anthem a few years back. He called and told security to open the gate, ‘cause he wasn’t stopping. At least Guy can call someone from the local garage when he needs help.

February was very moist, kind of like Michelle Holliday’s dress after her end of the road medley. I love it! I don’t have to water my rocks or wash my chariot.

Now let me just bring this out to the open. Some of you native Nancy’s have to stop with your boohoo posts. It’s sad to read so many poor, poor me (adult gay males), I have no husband and my life sucks, blah, blah, blah posts. Put your big girl panties on and deal with it. Quoted from Erma Bombeck’s book, “Life is a Bowl of Cherries, What am I Doing in the Pitts?

It was fun seeing Frank Marino guest hosting for Jimmy Emerson’s Fabulously Funny Fridays the other night. That was followed a couple days later with Frank (again, in boy drag), hosting his show at DW Bistro at the Gramercy in Summerlin. Frank is working on returning t o the Strip, but until then, it’s nice to see him out with us “common drag queens.” Hopefully he doesn’t steal my fashion style!

For that person on Facebook who posted about not getting interviews, let alone a full-time job: You want a job that pays you $50K-plus per year with all the benefi ts? You have the skill set and career advancement of Bob’s WhataBurger. Here’s some Kitty advice. If you don’t have the skill set, then find a business or a school that can teach the skills. I do this all the time. I teach people, for free, how to do medical billing and coding. Just ask! Your biggest asset is you and you should invest in learning new skills. If you think posting, “I need a job,” on social media is the answer, trust me, it’s not. If you think working at a fast food business or bussing tables is low rent … please missy! I did it for years to make a living and it paid the bills. I know many gay folks in Vegas who work two or three jobs just to live the good life, so get off your high horse and wash some dishes. Standing on the corner with a sign (will work for $$$$) makes you look like a cheap hooker. Besides that is my third job and I’ll cut any hooker who takes my coins.

Congrats to James Healey. He’s now 100% in charge of operations at Hamburger Mary’s. They’re planning a big Ru Paul watch party. Where better could you be? Great food, no smoke, plenty of alcohol and lots of queens on a Thursday night?

Gossip, gossip, gossip in our little gay city! My friend Daniel Botta is back at the Bastille on 3rd bartending. He worked at The Garage for years and left for a minute to work at some whore house out in Pahrump. Rumor has it none of the other whores liked him and I know this from experience. When he worked at the Fun Hog Ranch, I caught him several times working my dumpster.

Went to the Garage the other day and did you know they have a patio? It’s fabulous, although just a tad bit cold, so I sat inside with one of my favorite people, Wil Douglas (so nice and good looking!) along with Baby T, who happens to be my favorite softball player. The other mechanics include Erik, David, Gil, Jose, Ky, Jake, Bill, Conner and Chris. Since this is a full-service Garage, they have the best pizza and an array of great menu items. The prices won’t break the bank and food is served daily from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. This is just part of what makes this bar the most happening place in town.

Wanna meet royalty? Kristopher, the King of all Street Walkers, continues to rein over at the Eagle, a.k.a. The Birdcage. Count on Kristopher to pour a stiff drink and make any shot. Always taking selfies and quick with a snarky come-back, all with his Boston charm. Don’t bother getting dressed up for Tuesday or Friday, since all you need is your underwear. Of course, some of you queens should consider some undies a bit more appropriate for your body type – there, I said it!

I would be remiss in mentioning the Eagle without reminding you that one of our Las Vegas Legends, Jimmie Emerson, tends bar there every Wednesday and Thursday. Mention my name, along with $4 and you’ll get a free well drink…

I like to give a big shout out to Sprouts. Four of their staff members are Transgender and several gay men were also working when I stopped by. Nice to see a large corporation hiring based on talent, skill and work ethics. With so much negativity in the news about our trans friends, thanks to the orange-haired Russian puppet, Sprouts deserves a shoutout. Me, being an old gay drag queen, I like to make sure I spend my money at businesses that are LGBTQ-owned or allied and offer me a little respect.

Congrats to John Waldron. He’s the new executive director at The Center. Kuddos to Joe Oddo and the board for making a wise choice. Now, let’s all take responsibility for this great asset and step up to the plate, financially. Ask for a pledge form at the front desk, or just give them a call. If each of us contributed $20 per month on automatic withdrawal, The Center’s financial woes could quickly be behind them.

Don’t miss Pet Pride Brunch at Lazy Dog in Town Square, Sunday, March 31, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Yeah, pets can bring their humans.

In closing, if you’ve got some gossip on your favorite bartender, entertainer or hell, just have a great pick-up line, message me at the Spectrum or better yet, hit me up at the Spotlight, where you can find me doing Kittyoke every Friday and Saturday night. I can promise you lots of fun!

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