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Publisher, Las Vegas Spectrum

Since the mid-1990’s, a group of progressive and civic-minded individuals, has gathered to endorse candidates for various offices up for election. This endeavor started at the Las Vegas Bugle, followed by the Las Vegas Night Beat and now continues with this publication, the Las Vegas Spectrum.

These endorsements will be available online at and as in the past, at

Elsewhere in the Spectrum, you’ll find information about voting during our current COVID-19 pandemic. Each registered voter should receive a ballot in the mail. Ballots will be mailed out to actively registered voters. If in doubt, if not registered or if you have changed your address since you last voted or just want to verify that you’re registered, the easiest way is to follow the instructions at

Voters can also go directly to the Clark County (NV) Election Department by visiting

Why we do this:

This list of endorsements is published to help the LGBTQIA+ and Progressive community be better informed about candidates. Our panel considers not only the best interest of the LGBTQIA+ community but also the world in which we live. We believe in LGBTQIA+ equality, women’s rights, a living wage and affordable education and healthcare. In a word, we are progressive.

We have considered and made recom-
mendations for nearly every race in Southern Nevada, with the exception of a few rural areas.

While we hope you will do your own research, we also understand elections are complex and confusing at times. There are nearly 60 judicial races alone. We hope our suggestions are helpful.

We urge you to vote in every race and remind you that legislators (Assembly and Senate) will affect all elections at every level. The Nevada Legislature makes statewide decisions, including redistricting. If we elect the wrong legislators, we end up with gerrymandering which unfairly allows a minority to make decisions for the majority.

A personal note from Rob Schlegel: I edit this list. The decisions and most of the comments are made by our committee. While I stand by the committee’s decisions, these endorsements are made by people I trust but individuals who are  far more knowledgeable that I’ll ever be. I thank them for their tireless work.

Spectrum endorsements

Rep. in Congress, Dist. 1

►Titus, Dina (D)

We love her. She’s got a safe seat, but in silly season, who knows what to expect?

Rep. in Congress, Dist. 3

►Lee, Susie (D)

Very fashionable — we’re not being sexist, just campy. As a Member of Congress, she’s on top of her game, looking out for us.

Rep. in Congress, Dist 4

►Horsford, Steven (D)

He’s done a great job. He does have a primary. Let’s keep him representing this district, although the GOP will put up a tough battle.

State Senate Dist 1

►Spearman, Patricia “Pat” (D)

She’s so well-liked, no one ran against her. It takes just one vote to elect her in the Nov. general. Make it your vote!

State Senate Dist 3

►Brooks, Chris (D)

One vote will elect him in the Nov. general. No one ran against him! You can be the vote that elects him.

State Senate Dist 7 

Carrillo, Richard (D)

►Lange, Roberta (D)

All 3 candidates are perfect on LGBTQ issues. Lange has served as both county and state Democratic chair, a thankless job. Let’s reward her.

Spiegel, Ellen (D)

State Senate Dist 11

►Harris, Dallas (D)

Great legislator. No primary, goes to Nov. general

State Senate Dist 18

►Becker, Liz (D) 

This race will be an uphill battle against the GOP.  Liz led the “Moms for Background Checks,” and let’s help her become a leader in Carson City.

Bilodeau, Ronald “Ron”(D)

State Assembly Dist 2

Littman, Eva (D)

►Kunnel, Radhika “RPK” (D)

Finally, some medical smarts in Carson City, plus it’s time for a little diversity.

Sherwood, Jennie (D)

Valdes, Joe (D)

State Assembly Dist 6

►Robinson II, William E. (D)

Summers-Armstrong, Shondra (D)

State Assembly Dist 7

►Miller, Cameron “C.H.” (D)

Both are good candidates but Miller will be stronger in Nov. general.

Stephens III, John (D)

State Assembly Dist 8

►Frierson, Jason (D)

If you’re happy with the minimum wage only going to $12 (instead of $15) by 2024, this is your guy. He also blocked the legislature from voting to end the unfair and cost-prohibitive death penalty. We suppose if we had had a GOP governor and a GOP assemblyman, we would be at $8.75 per hour.  No primary. He goes straight to the Nov. general, and yes, he’s better than the Republican opponent.

State Assembly Dist 9

►Yeager, Steve (D)

No primary but he needs to step up on social justice issues. His importance is in keeping a D majority in the Assembly.

State Assembly Dist 10

Holder, Jesse “Jake” (D)

►Nguyen, Rochelle (D)

The obvious choice. Smart, former public defender, understands issues faced by folks with lower income. Super sharp. Wants to co-sponsor modernized HIV laws.

State Assembly Dist 13

►Roberts, Tom (R)

He’s a good guy. Has crossed party lines on occasion to do what is right. Has no opponent from either party.

State Assembly Dist 14

►Carlton, Maggie (D)

Great on our issues! Was formerly a State Senator, now serving in the Assembly.

Fennel II, James (D)

State Assembly Dist 15

Andersson, Burke (D)

►Watts, Howard (D)

Wickedly smart, good guy. Great on our issues.

State Assembly Dist 16

Davis, Russell (D)

►Gonzalez, Cecelia (D)

She’s “one of us.” Endorsed by the Assembly Dem. Caucus. Active with Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada (PLAN), which gives her credentials.

Sacco, Joseph (D)

Openly gay man. Long-time activist who cares about the disenfranchised. Has matured greatly over the past few years.

Vanderpal, Geoffrey (D)

State Assembly Dist 18

►Considine, Venicia (D)

Long-time activist and champion of civil rights.

Dortch, Clarence M. (D)

Frost, Char (D)

Ortega, Lisa (D)

State Assembly Dist 19

No Dem candidate running here. We’re not comfortable endorsing the R, who is a blithering idiot, homophobic and a disaster. If you live in this area, consider running.

State Assembly Dist 20

Logan, Zachary (D)

McAuliffe, Michael (D)

Political outreach director at WECAN and longtime Democratic activist.

►Orentlicher, David (D)

Endorsed by the Democratic Assembly Caucus, served two terms in the Indiana legislature and would do a fine job. UNLV professor who is an attorney and physician. Former board member of the ACLU.

Smith, Emily (D)

State Assembly Dist 21

Bagley, David (D)

►Marzola, Elaine (D)

State Assembly Dist 28

►Flores, Edgar (D)

No primary. Strong fighter for social justice.

State Assembly Dist 29

►Cohen, Lesley Elizabeth (D)

No primary. A real standup legislator, great on our issues.

State Assembly Dist 34

►Bilbray-Axelrod, Shannon (D)

No primary. A great legislator.

State Assembly Dist 41

►Jauregui, Sandra (D)

No primary. Sponsored the marriage equality amendment.

Clark County Commissioner Dist A

►Naft, Michael (D)

Former Chief-of-Staff to Congesswoman Dina Titus. Doing an impressive job.

O’Sullivan, Ken Patrick “Sully” (D)

Clark County Commissioner Dist B

►Kirkpatrick, Marilyn (D)

A real ally on the Commission. Super sharp, knows her stuff.

Clark County Commissioner Dist C

Brown, Patsy, (D)

►Cain, Hunter (D)

He’s one of us, very active in community issues and causes. Is a foster parent to several kids, worked for Congresswoman Dina Titus and was her veteran services liaison.

Hosea, Gary (D)

►Miller, Ross (D)

Former Secretary of State, implemented Nevada’s domestic partnership law in 2009 and formerly worked in the DA’s office.

Penney, Jenny (D)

Raja, Fayyaz (D)

We think Miller will win, but want to note that Raja is a kind, smart man.

Clark County Commissioner Dist D

Barron, Isaac (D)

Denis, Moises “Mo” (D)

►Flanagan, Tanya (D)

Chair of Susan B. Komen and is a cancer survivor. Knows the inner workings of county government and would add another woman to the commission.

Kothari, Deepen “My Friend” (D)

►McCurdy II, William (D)

Chair of Nevada State Dem. party, served two terms in Assembly and was great on LGBTQIA+ issues.

Moreno, Jesus Carlos (D)

Scott, Dillard Allen (D)

Dist. Court Judge, Dept. 1

Villani, Jacob

►Yeager, Bita “Marie”

Dist. Court Judge, Dept. 2

►Kierny, Carli Lynn

Former public defender and would be good as judge. The incumbent, Richard Scotti is a “train wreck” and shouldn’t be retained.

Marcello, Dustin R.

Scotti, Richard

Dist. Court Judge, Dept.  3

Ganz, Adam

Miceli, Michael,

►Trujillo, Monica

Has handled numerous trials, a hard worker, understands social justice issues regarding inequities of bail and sentencing for low income individuals.

Dist. Court Judge, Dept. 4

►Aurbach, Phil

Krall, Nadia

Schifalacqua, Barbara

Dist. Court Judge, Dept. 5

Abbott, Eric

Barisich, Veronica

►Coffing, Terry

Good civil attorney, would make a fine judge.

Parker, Blair C.

Dist. Court Judge, Dept. 7

►Bell, Linda Marie

Has no opponent, so no race but she’s the current chief judge and a great one at that.

Dist. Court Judge, Dept. 14

►Escobar, Adriana

Has no opponent, so no race

Dist. Court Judge, Dept. 15

Breeden, Adam

Hardy, Jr., Joe

►Machnich, Tegan Christine

Has practiced both criminal and civil law. Served nine years as a public defender.

Dist. Court Judge, Dept. 18

Holthus, Mary Kay

►Hunt, John A.

Understands social justice issues. Will make a great judge. No primary.

Dist. Court Judge, Dept. 19

Eller, Crystal

Kephart, William “Bill”

►Miller, Fikisha Liki

We’re okay with either Eller or Miller, but the incumbent, Kephart is a homophobe.

Dist. Court Judge, Dept. 21

Almase, Caesar

►Clark Newberry, Tara

She’s “one of us,” she’s smart and did a ton of work helping homeowners with foreclosures.

Gale, Bruce L.

Reynolds, Jacob

Caesar Almase is good, Bruce Gale is a perennial candidate and leaves much to be desired.

Dist. Court Judge, Dept. 23

Armstrong, Karl W.

Friedberg, Craig

►Lilly-Spells, Jasmin

Sweetin, James

Dist. Court Judge, Dept. 24

►Ballou, Erika D.

Great public defender and does lots of volunteer work.

Bohn, Mickey

Gilliam, Dan

Rinetti, Dena

►Vadala, Joe

“One of us,” and we believe he would do a great job as judge. Former US Peace Corp volunteer.

Dist. Court Judge, Dept. 28

Cavanaugh, James E. “Jim”

Israel, Ron

►McLeod, Alexandra Beth

Smart and hard working.

Dist. Court Judge, Dept. 32

Bare, Rob

►Craig, Christy

No primary, straight to the Nov. general. She’s progressive, great on our issues and her opponent is not. She also has two moms.

Dist. Court Judge, Family Div Dept. A

Nathan, Gayle

Voy, William

►Wingate, Cheryl Ann

Dist. Court Judge, Family Dept. I

►Bailey, Soonhee “Sunny”

Worked as a public defender. Currently a hearing master.

Chevalier Lopez, Yvette

Tobler, Michelle O.

Dist. Court Judge, Family Dept. J

►Butler, Dedree “Dee”

Will make a great judge. The incumbent, Rena Hughes, has been reprimanded by the Judicial Discipline Commission over handling of a child custody case.

Hughes, Rena G.

An absolute disaster!

MacDonald, J. Scott

Dist. Court Judge, Family Dept. M

Hughes, Lynn

Kurth, Robert

►Mastin, Amy M.

McKellar, Mandy

Dist. Court Judge, Family Dept. P

Dayani, Sara

Page, Fred

►Perry, Mary

Veteran and former member of the Lambda Business Chamber.

Dist. Court Judge, Family Dept. S

McConnell, Regina “Gina”

►Ochoa, Vincent

Szyc, Lisa M.

Dist. Court Judge, Family Dept. T

Cutter, Nadin

►Nazareno Edquilang, Gemma “Gem”

Stoffel, Jason

Dist. Court Judge, Family Dept. U

Caston, Marilyn

Gonzalez, Bill

►Throne, Dawn

Dist. Court Judge, Family Dept. V

Bourke, Craig G.

Fleeman, Jack

►Pickard, Margaret E.

Dist. Court Judge, Family Dept. W

►Rocheleau, Stacy Michelle

An excellent attorney and involved in our community. No primary, straight to the Nov. general.

Rincon White, Adriana

Dist. Court Judge, Family Dept. X

Almase, Heidi

►Davis, Jim

No primary but he’s “one of us,” and a great guy.. Watch for him in the Nov. general.

Dist. Court Judge, Family Dept. Y

Andrade, Maricar “Rica”

►Charter, Stephanie

Molnar, Kari

Dist. Court Judge, Family Dept. Z

►Forman, Randall

Mercer, Michele “Shell”

Perez, Romeo

Speed, Kevin

Regent, State University Dist. 2

Tarkanian, Lois

Whipple, Bret

No primary, straight to the Nov. general.

Regent, State University Dist. 3

Brooks, Byron

Fisher, Lachelle

►Nigam, Swadeep

Clearly, the best choice.

Silberkraus, Stephen Hayward

Regent, State University Dist. 5

►Boylan, Patrick

Boylan would do better as a board member.

Child, Kevin L.

►Spirtos, Nick “Doc”

State Board of Education Dist. 1

Casino, Angelo

Esh, Steve

Hughes, Tim

Mason, Aaron

Robison, Michael S

State Board of Education Dist. 3

James-Newman, Bruce

Mickanen, Justin “Steeve Strange”

►Ortiz, Felicia

Trustee, Clark County School D-A

Cartwright, Andrew E.

Deike, Kari

►Guzman, Lisa

A former teacher, worked for NSEA for several years. Would be amazing on this board.

Kennedy, Amanda

Leavitt, Liberty

►Marshall, Jshauntae “Jai”

One of the moms from #1865 No Racism in Schools program and would make an awesome pick.

Nair, Anand K.

Rowe, Mike

Trustee, Clark County School D-B

Boone, Kasina

Hill, Cortland

►Proffitt, Jeff

Shank, Chris E.

Sherman, Ebony

Stanley, Jack

Wachter, Bryan

Williams, Katie

Trustee, Clark County School D-C

Bowen, Antonio

►Dreyer, Barbara A.

Ferranti, Carol

Garcia Morales, Evelyn

Henry, Tameka

►Jones, III, Walter

Searles, Noel

Trustee, Clark County School D-E

Arroyo, Elysa

►Brooks, Lola

Craig, Christopher

Helgelien, Tiger

Lewis, Tracey

Robertson, Cristina

►Salt, Alexis

Vocal supporter of LGBTQIA+ rights. Is a current CCSD teacher with child who attends CCSD. Supporter of comprehensive sex education. Incumbent, Lola Brooks refused to shut down schools during COVID-19 and waited for governor.