As We See It: Why you must vote early or caucus


As I pen this editorial, it’s the sixth day of the U.S. Senate desperately trying to find a way to avoid convicting an evil man whom we all know would have been tarred and feathered for his crimes in an earlier era. At least he has been impeached. There is likely only one way to be rid of him, and that is a fair election, if the public can prevent it from being stolen (again).

The only certain way to save our country, to restore our honor in the world, and yes, to bring justice for the crimes committed – and that includes crimes against individuals and perjury committed in both houses of Congress – is to elect a Democratic president, keep a solid Democratic majority in the house and elect a solid Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate.

That starts this February with the Nevada Democratic Caucus and the caucuses or primaries in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. Here in Nevada, we can directly affect the outcome of our important presidential (primary) caucus, just by showing up and making our preferences known.

Sadly, past history has shown that only die-hard political supporters have bothered to caucus. Even the word “caucus” is something we only hear once every four years and to many voters, it’s a foreign and unfamiliar process. In reality, it’s pretty simple and if you vote early, it can be painless.

So, our message to readers is this: If you want your candidate to win the Nevada caucus, which will have a profound impact on the selection of our next president, participate in your caucus. Whether it’s voting early from Feb. 15-18 (fast and simple) or participating in your actual neighborhood caucus on Feb. 22.

Rest assured, there is no reason to be intimidated – even if you never realized that Nevada voted for their primary presidential candidates through this, sort of weird, process. Trust me. You won’t be the only one learning the ropes for the first time, and it can be rather fun.

One final thing. Democrats can’t win this election on their own. It will require independents, non-partisan voters and those not currently registered, to oust this immoral and corrupt degenerate from what was once the most respected office in the world. Voters not currently registered as Democrats, or not registered at all, can take care of that at the caucus or early caucus voting place.

Together, we can impact this election. We need you to vote.

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