As We See It: Economy? Stupid! It’s Russia


Conventional political wisdom tells those running for federal offices, “It’s the economy, stupid!” This was coined by James Carville, a campaign strategist for Bill Clinton’s successful presidential run in 1992 against George H.W. Bush.

While the economy is still the number one item on voter’s minds, we posit that voters should be more concerned about Russia and what they have done to our democracy. We believe that the actions of President Trump amount to treason. Senator Mitch McConnel is just as guilty for allowing it and he is nothing more than a Russian asset operating in the U.S. The same goes for Rep. Devin Nunes and for that matter, most Republicans in the Senate and House that have seen in broad daylight (and in classified hearings) what is going on. They have refused to exercise their Constitutional duty to protect our democracy and are therefore empowering this treason.

Our economy will survive. There will be a few rough bumps in the road but what is happening with Russia, right under our noses, must take precedence.

No matter who is in office, artificial intelligence, cheap offshore labor, automation and the demise of fossil fuels, have and will continue to affect our economy. To a degree, every American negatively affects our economy when they shop online, buy the cheaper product manufactured offshore, eat the factory farmed beef, poultry or fish, drives a vehicle either wholly or partially manufactured outside our country.

No matter how patriotic one believes they are, it is impossible to “buy American.” Even the Amish can’t handcraft enough “American made” furniture for this country and most of us couldn’t afford to buy it. The reality is, we live in a global society. We can either decide to lead or be left behind. Leading requires knowledge and innovation and that means education.

While President Obama brought us back from an economic meltdown, that had mostly to do with the finance industry. We established finance reforms although they have been seriously weakened thanks to a GOP controlled government from 2016 to 2018. No, what we need to worry about is Russia. Speaker Nancy Pelosi hit the nail on the head when she told Donald Trump that all roads lead to Putin.

It includes his conspiracy with Russia to steal the 2016 election. It continued with his denial use of the non-legal phrase of “no collusion.” Dozens of his close advisors are either charged, convicted or forced to resign. While Russian conspiracy has played a constant role, greed and corruption has been the glue that has held this administration together. The list is lengthy, but includes lifting (and not enforcing or failing to implement) sanctions against Russia, Mitch McConnel’s Russian aluminum plant deal, the failure to release the Muller report while his attorney general lied to the public and Trump’s openly admitted extortion and bribery of Ukraine, all to benefit Russia.

Despite his loyal party defenders, the evidence is clear. It started long before the 2016 election but it’s still being denied, covered up, lied about and constant attempts are being made to use obfuscation to muddy the waters on what really happened and continues to happen.

Russia and their meddling in elections isn’t just a phenomenon happening to us. It happens globally and the best example may be what happened in Great Britain with their “Brexit” campaign and subsequent vote. It’s happening all over Europe and yes, Ukraine.

Ukraine had nothing to do with 2016. They are our allies. We have a cold war with Russia. Ukraine and Russia are in a hot war and we have Donald Trump committing treason against his country with his friend Vladimir Putin. We have become the laughingstock of Russia and the world. The difference is we have abandoned our allies and while they may be laughing at us, at least they’re doing so with a heavy heart but with the hope that one day soon, the US will deal with it traitor and we have a chance to restore our respect and integrity.

There are three possible solutions to the mess created by Trump, McConnel, Vice President Pence and their enablers.

You can pray for a meteorite to hit the White House during a cabinet meeting (we can construct a new building).

Second, it’s inevitable, Trump will be impeached, and constituents can demand that their Republican senators stand up to this criminal and convict him.

The third, and more plausible scenario is that voters, tired of the crimes being committed, flaunted and enabled in broad daylight, elect a different president and change the majority control of the Senate to Democratic.

Trump and his Republican co-conspirators hope to remain in power by confusing and obfuscating the details of their criminal or treasonous activities. They are counting on confusing the voters to the point that not enough will care to vote. They will say if Trump isn’t convicted in the Senate, he is innocent, which would be the furthest thing from the truth.

Perhaps Trump, the balance of his remaining administration and his enabling Republicans can’t be convicted of breaking the law, but the elected officials certainly can be held accountable by ethical and intelligent voters in November. We know what they’ve done, whether convicted or not, and America can’t continue to be victimized.