Stop whining and start living


Mona Van Joseph
Las Vegas Psychic

We really dodged a bullet in August.

Asteroid 2019: OK it was the size of a football field when it whizzed past Earth on July 25. Traveling at roughly 54,000 miles per hour, it came into the astronomers’ radar just in time to witness its trajectory. If it had hit Earth, it could have destroyed any city on the planet and killed millions of people. If it had landed in an ocean, it would have caused devastating tsunamis. It missed us by 45,000 miles. This event was totally out of our control. WHEW!

Some people have this habit of dwelling on the negative, or what they think is out of their control.

That’s not so bad, but when you continue to (verbally) repeat what you’re going through without searching for the solution, you are whining. You might get so caught up in this drama, that when your “audience” actually offers help or advice, you argue that those ideas won’t work, or you say you’ve tried that, or just blatantly dismiss it.

“Oh, they just don’t understand, I think I’ll go eat worms.” Oh, you’re in more pain than ever. How did this happen to me? It’s SO easy to fall into that rabbit hole. So easy to place yourself in the victim’s spotlight and command attention. We might not have control over events that are outside of us, but we certainly DO have control over the management of the issues inside of us.

“Woe to me!”

“Look at this mess I’m in!”

“How did I get here?”

Truth: Most people don’t want to hear about how impotent you are with your problems. People WANT to hear how events happened and how you SOLVED them. The best bosses will say to their employees, “I want to hear about how you solve problems; I don’t want to hear you whine about them. I am not your dumping ground.” In turn, the best employees identify problems and then present solutions.

Truth: We create our reality. What we think about creates our character. If you are in a situation where you don’t want to be in, instead of retelling the same uncomfortable chain of events (to others and in your head), recognize that you are simply being shown what you don’t want. The more details of your discomfort that you speak, the firmer that reality forms.

Ever go through a difficult time and notice that your friends gradually (or suddenly) begin to avoid you? Do you find that the phone call you make to someone isn’t returned as quickly as you would like? That’s because you’re sitting in the place of Stinking Thinking. No One wants the daunting task of trying to cheer you up anymore. You’ve made it too hard.

How do you turn this around? Stop complaining about anything; right now; this very second. Look at the situation you’re in and decide that you don’t want to be uncomfortable any more. Count your blessings. Truthfully ask yourself: “How might I have created this situation, and how is this time in my life going to benefit me down the road?” It starts with the discipline of what you let your mind process. You can’t change the past, but you can learn from it. You can’t change other people’s behavior, but you can make sure you don’t take it personally. Read (or reread) “The Four Agreements,” by Miguel Ruiz. That will help you get back into the correct perspective. We’ve ALL been invited to this party; so ACT like it.

Replace the urge to complain by doing something productive. When you can’t do what you want to do, do what you CAN do. Your energy and mindset creates your reality. Volunteer at a charity that’s meaningful to you and get a reality check of what’s important. Stop feeling sorry for yourself because no one outside of you can actually help you. Only YOU can help you, by getting out of the habit of complaining. Learn to EXPLAIN, not COMPLAIN.

Asteroid 2019 OK passed us by. We have another chance to create our best life. Now is the time. I wrote the “9 Day Energy Reset” guide to allow people to relax into their potential. It’s a marvelous way to break that bad habit of complaining. Visit, for more information.

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