‘Let’s be real for just a moment,’ God’s love for LGBTQ people


By Rev. Wilfred Moore
Sen. Pastor, Abundant Peace UCC

The notion of loving God and being Gay is one that oftentimes feels like a fairy tale. To some it may feel like some utopian idea that one reads in a writing by Thomas Moore or HG Wells, but in fact it is an idea that is closer to reality than the average person thinks. Let’s call it for what it is. We live in a society where some people are still trying to push the concept of same gender loving relationships as one that is sinful and not of God. This is due to their personal and religious prejudices, interpretations, and of course unbelief.

Now let’s be real for just a moment. These beliefs and ideas are unfounded by anything substantial. With a little research, you will fi nd that it was handed down from some traditional family value that originated in grandma’s kitchen several hundred years ago.

Fact, God loves all people no matter who they are and where they come from.

Fact, nowhere in the Bible will one fi nd where Jesus speaks against samegender relationships.

Fact, yes there is a place in Las Vegas where people are loved and respected for who they are and one of those places is the Abundant Peace United Church of Christ, where I serve as Senior Pastor/Founder.

At this ‘real place’ you will fi nd diverse populations to include African Americans, Caucasians, Filipinos, and Hispanics all in one place, worshiping God in spirit and in truth. You will fi nd that the membership is 52% LGBTQ and 48% heterosexual to include families with children.

A place where time is spent on developing one’s character, family and over-all wellness and less time spent on pointing the fi nger at one’s lifestyle or sexual orientation. And yes, we have transgendered individuals there too and they are there in leadership, sharing their God-given gifts to all just like everyone else.

Abundant Peace UCC is a place where the radically inclusive love of God is Supreme, meaning that it is the focus of all that we do.

Go figure, one can spend their time loving God and all of mankind, just like we love ourselves. No longer does one have to wonder if God is love.

No longer does one have to wonder whether God loves me and my partner and lastly no longer does one have to ponder over the fundamental right to love and even possibly marry whom they choose.

Instead, time is spent on developing your relationship with yourself, God and your place in society and how you merge your various gifts into that society for the greater good of all people. That is the focus, promoting one to be the best person that they can be for themselves first and then others.

So, I encourage you to no longer allow yourself to worry about whether God is real or that the love of God is true. Let’s move past that making it a moot point, and moving to the question… how I can be my best self? Thus, making life meaningful for yourself and others and allowing yourself to be a giver of hope, love and good works to those who need leadership and inspiration. In closing I’d like to welcome you to come and find Peace at Abundant Peace United Church of Christ, 1690 East Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, Nevada. Join us for our weekly Sunday Service at 12:00 Noon, you’ll be glad you did