Vegas Astrology: Joy is on its way, Virgo


ARIES,  March 21 – April 19                                                                                               

Be incredibly controlled of your emotions this month. Do not let other peoples’ stuff interfere with your sense of purpose and well-being. Take an analytical approach to all negotiations, not your usual impulsive one. The more you create harmony and direction within, the more it is reflected without.

TAURUS, April 20 – May 20

Why aren’t things moving the way you want? Because (dramatic pause) you are not perceived as competent as you (know) think you are. This is the time to prove your abilities, not just talk about them. You are awesome and it’s time to put the love back into your work.

GEMINI, May 21- June 21

Finally, there’s a sense of freedom from a longtime worry. No longer are you shackled by a limit of choices… there are suddenly plenty to choose from. Choose the one that truly WAS worth the wait.  Remember it’s about value, not the quick, cheap (maybe easy) conclusion.

CANCER, June 22 – July 23

A full commitment to a new (or existing) opportunity is what called for this month. Show those around you that you are a “keeper” of your promises. It’s not about butt-kissing, it’s a show of responsibility. Remind yourself that the door (for you) is unlocked, so have enough confidence to open it.

LEO, July 24 – August 23

It’s lonely at the top. Actually, it’s a huge commitment to your goals to be where you are. In the karmic sense of things, it’s time to act as a mentor to those who don’t know as much as you (do). Spirits on the other side are giving you signs that there are others who wish
they had the success you do.

VIRGO, August 24 – September 22

There’s an innate lonesomeness to standing your ground or holding onto a concept that no longer (really) works for you. Be open-minded to joy that makes its way to you from an unexpected source. Watch out for anyone around you who has difficulty controlling his/her
emotions and may be expecting you to cater their roller-coaster whims.

LIBRA, September 23 – October 22

Applauding your efforts of becoming the real version of yourself and the work it’s taken to get here. A love interest is drawing itself to you ⸻ the kind of love that you’re finally open to have in your life. You are becoming the best at what you do, and recent events are validating just how far you have evolved.

SCORPIO, October 23 – November 22                                                                         

You’ve been entertaining a fantasy about your life that has spilled over into denial. You are avoiding hearing and speaking the truth. Concentrate on the “real deal” now…it will benefit you. There’s celebration connected with all the people who love you for exactly who you are.

SAGITTARIUS, November 23 – December 20                                                                 

A new project presents itself to you this month that will be one of the most meaningful periods of your life. Even if it’s a little frightening, it’s time for you to have the job or the love that embraces your energy. However, Spirit is asking you to check your impulsiveness now and not jump at something without questioning how it will benefit you.

CAPRICORN, December 21 – January 20

Your awareness of living a responsible and compassionate life is about to reward you in some way. Spirit seeks to gift you with something that gives you a sense of abiding contentment. Reconnect with people that have loved you your whole life. Capricorns are always in it for the long haul…and it’s time to send blessings to those who understand that.

AQUARIUS, January 21 – February 19

If a relationship or business deal has become way more trouble than it’s worth, it’s time to let it go, sell it, or delegate the responsibility. Your creatively is suffering because of this situation. When you look at all the people around you as thought they are Soul Mates, everything shifts…and it may be time to reconnect with a friend that you truly loved (and now miss).

PISCES, February 20 – March 20

We choose to be in this life for one goal: to “be” ourselves no matter what is presented. No one in the world is you; and it’s time to address those relationships where “you” isn’t appreciated. The more you are delighted at the challenges facing you, the quicker the opportunity that you really want presents itself.

Vegas Astrology is penned by Las Vegas Intuitive, Mona Van Joseph. She can be contacted for private appointments at 702-233-4790 or by going to For more astrology