‘Absinthe’ is every bit La Fée Verte


Staff writer

Set in the friendly(ish) confines of an unassuming spiegeltent (think old school circus), at Ceasar’s Palace, Absinthe is the raunchy spoonful of sugar you never knew you needed.

Opening in 2011, the show has enjoyed a long and storied tenure in our fair city, yet manages to remain one of the hottest tickets on the Las Vegas Strip.

Much like its namesake spirit, Absinthe is every bit La Fée Verte (The Green Fairy) what you would expect from a show that calls itself the No. 1 Greatest Show in Las Vegas History.

The production pays homage to its vaudevillian roots with a cadre of performers weaving together a seamless production of circus and burlesque while serving up no shortage of sass.

Hosted by the cringe-worthy, yet wildly entertaining, The Gazillionaire, the ABV (alcohol by volume) on Absinthe is decidedly not for the underage crowd and certainly not for the easily offended.

But, the adventurous showgoer will revel in lucid drunkenness reminiscent of a bygone era adapted for the modern day audience.

TIP: No seat is more than 11 rows from the stage in this intimate venue.