‘3030’ internet show holds party at The Phoenix

Nathan Ibarra, Erik Dillon and Dee Hysaw.

By Cyntha Hall

Will Tyler and Rocky ever rekindle their steamy romance? Or will Tyler wake up one day to find Zola in her bed? Does poor Lemuel ever find his own love or is he destined to be a third wheel all his life? These and so many more questions are answered in the new season of the groundbreaking original internet series “3030.”

Based in Las Vegas, this sitcom focuses on the lives of Tyler (B. Danielle Watkins), Zola (Serrita Coleman), Lemuel (Erik Dillion), Leigh (Dee Hysaw) and Rocky (Nor), a tight group of young gay African American friends trying to navigate the ins and outs of relationships, jobs, roommates and, well, just trying to survive your 30s.

Celebrating its second season, the cast and crew held a season premiere party a few months ago at the Phoenix to a standing-room-only crowd. Hosted by drag queen hosts Dulcey Tabatha Ferrah and Lady Q. and featuring musical performances by Erica B and Aly Jai, along with an autograph session with the show’s stars.

Written and produced by B. Danielle Watkins and directed by Onyx Keesha, you can catch both seasons at Revry.com.