Q&A: Talking with Jordy Perry of ‘Blond Invasion’ at Planet Hollywood

Blond Invasion

Longtime Las Vegas LGBTQIA+ community members and supporters Cody Clark and Jordy Perry have partnered with “Legends in Concert” creator John Stewart and Dean Coleman to present “Blond Invasion” at the V Theater in Planet Hollywood.

There is plenty of real talent here with live singing, dancing and lighting effects. There are a few sexy scenes but nothing to keep you from bringing the kids. Although the marquee’s sexy image of three blonde women in leather does not give you that impression.

Anyone who has jammed out to Lady Gaga, Madonna or Britney Spears music videos can appreciate this fast-paced 55-minute production.

Blond Invasion

The real stars in the show are co-producer Perry’s choreography and lighting effects. They make you think you are attending a taping of a music video at a large concert venue.

One night, he glided out of the sound booth and down the aisle of the 200-seat theater to the backstage. He was wearing a chunky headset and a look of concentration as he called the show scenes down to the second. Perry’s years of experience in the Las Vegas entertainment scene is a big showcase of this production.

Another notable talent in the show is Christina Shaw, who plays Lady Gaga. She has some real pipes on her and presents fi ne vocals. She is joined by Coty Alexander and Katie Murdock, who play the other blonde goddesses, Madonna and Spears, respectively.

The male dancers in the show, which opened April 16, keep the energy up and are well-polished. They are Matt Guerrero, Kalani Hakkei Jr., Darrell Rivera, James Simpson, Malachi Durant, Adam Moss and Aaron Lucey.

The Spectrum caught up with Perry after the show for a quick Q&A for this Community Spotlight.

How long have you and Cody lived in Las Vegas?
I have lived here for 13 years; whereas Cody is a Las Vegas native born and raised

What are both of your backgrounds?
Cody has worked in business management. I have been in the arts and entertainment industry.

Have you been active in the community? How?
Both of us have been active members of our Las Vegas LGBTQ community for years in various ways. Cody (who has his own insurance agency) has always participated in Vegas Pride, both the parade and the festival. I have performed and choreographed for many Pride events and nonprofits, including AFAN’s Black & White Ball and Golden Rainbow’s Ribbon Of Life, to name a few.

Why did you guys want to produce your own show?
It was a dream come true for both of us to produce a show on the Las Vegas Strip. We really wanted to produce a fun- filled and exciting tribute show that was both innovative and relevant to today’s pop culture market.

Can you tell us who you teamed up with and why?
We teamed up Mr. John Stuart, who founded “Legends In Concert.” Johnny is a Vegas icon when it comes to producing shows. He has countless shows under his belt. We also teamed up with Mr. Dean Coleman, who heads our public relations and marketing. Dean has been in the industry for years and has represented many performers, musicians and acts that perform on Las Vegas stages, nightly. We are beyond thankful to be working with such an amazing team!

What was your vision of the show?
Our vision was to have a rock concert/arena show feel in a small venue. We wanted to have that same type of interactive energy in our house. It was extremely important to us that our show had that “wow” factor being consistently showcased from start to fi nish. Everything from the choreography, lights, LED/ projector backdrops and costumes had to make a statement from song to song. That’s how you build levels in a show, that’s how you keep an audience’s attention. We also knew that our tribute artists and dancers were going to be some of the very best talent that you could put onstage. Now take all of that, shake it up and BOOM! You have an amazing show that is driven by maintaining (and building on) artistic integrity, along with what people expect to see from these three tributes paying homage to these three iconic artists!

What was the greatest challenge in making that vision come to life onstage?

Our greatest challenge was that this was our very first show, along with our entire production team and cast. Endless hours of hard work goes into making a show, not to mention, literally, everything being nonstop. There were times of high stress, all things that we now know come with the territory of producing a show! As challenging as it was for us, it was a huge learning experience that we are both very thankful for. This was the catalyst for our upcoming productions, now we have a very “in depth” experience of what works for us when it comes to producing. At the end of the day the feeling of seeing our vision come to life nightly is a dream come true and it made every challenge worth it!