Six components to living your life creatively



By REV. ROBERT FLEMING Pastor, Metropolitican Community Church of Las Vegas

We have just completed a wonderful sermon series at our church called Drawn In: Living a Creative Life with God. This has been a thought provoking series as the question asked was, “What is it that truly touches your soul and are you doing that?” This is often a challenge as I have found myself feeling stuck in one position and not able to get out of the rut.

What we learned is that there are six components to living a creative life with God. It is the idea that God’s playing fi eld is much larger than our own imagination. Are we willing to faithfully walk into each of these steps?

The first step is the dreaming stage. This is the idea of thinking about what it is that we really want to do with our lives. Where would we find ourselves the happiest? After we have dreamed, we move into the hovering stage. This is the idea of discernment: making a plan to fulfill that dream.

Of course these dreams cannot happen without hovering and then risking. Risks are the pivotal point and the scariest. I love how author Brene Brown speaks of fear being the place of vulnerability and creativity. One we have taken this risk is it vital that we continue to listen to those things around us: peers, Divine, nature, and the many other things that help guide our path.

When we are able to listen, we can then reintegrate this new learning to make adjustments so our dream can be made possible. A great example of this is the Ford Edsel. Ford spent a lot of money and promotion of the Ford Edsel. What they failed to do was listen or even draw the consumers into the process.

The Edsel was a huge failure for Ford and they lost millions of dollars. Had they listened to consumers and reintegrated what they learned, things might have been much different for the future of that “dream” car.

The final step in living this creative life is finding rest. I believe this is lacking for many folks, myself included. We have a culture of go-go-go. Finding rest allows us to refuel and fi ll our cup back to the brim. If we are running on empty, we have nothing to give. This process is not linear, but rather circular. All components are important.

I share all of this with you all because wherever you are on your spiritual journey in life; I hope you are living your dreams. May these simple steps allow us to slow down, set goals and to make plans. May you be the best you that you can be! Love from MCC Las Vegas.