How are your 2020 reading goals?


As we begin the second month of a new year, I am not sure if you are keeping up with your reading goal for the year but I know I am not. I don’t really set a reading goal but doing this article the past several years I have averaged about three books a month. But this year I have hit a reading slump. I have started something like four books this year but haven’t finished a single one. Luckily, the Library District offers much more than just books. We have movies and TV shows to checkout or to stream through several different platforms (Hoopla, Kanopy or RBDigital). Also, this past couple of months there has been a ton of end-of-the-decade lists, which is where I found the movie below that I have heard about for a couple years but never got around to watching.

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“God’s Own Country” written and directed by Francis Lee.

This is a beautiful British film. The scenes of the English countryside are worth watching it alone. That is not the only reason to see this film. It tells the story of a man who has to assume the primary role of running a farm because his father is no longer able to. They hire a helper from Romania, who is very attractive. The men are drawn to each other like animals. The sex scenes are very primal and intense.

Speaking of intense, there are a couple very intense scenes involving the animals, not untoward, just hard to watch. As much as I enjoyed seeing the relationship bloom between the two main characters there is a secondary story about the family dynamitic that I found very satisfying. I found the accents a little hard to follow but I just turned on the closed captions, which at my age I usually do. This is a very slow-moving movie without much dialogue, but well worth watching. I hope that there is another film that treats us to more of this story.

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