Travel Trivia and do you need a visa?


Are you a traveler or a tourist?

Tourists want a recreation of the world they left behind or to bring it with them! Overpacking not Traveling Lite.  Travelers indulge their Wanderlust and Urge for Adventure for NEW Sites. They See! Hear! Feel! Taste! Share! They GO OUT for Life!  At A Answer on Travel we seek and find resources to help You start to explore.

September wraps up Summer with Labor Day Weekend and Falls into Autumn on the Equinox Sept. 23. It’s a good time to “Labor” at exploring and get beyond that Four Letter “work”.

However a Work Out at a Spa resort, here or abroad might just be Your thing. My August birthday Staycation-gift to myself was a Luxor Corner Suite night after a Hott August afternoon at our fabulous Sundays in the North Pool.

Fall is the season of new wines so a Napa/Sonoma/Russian River side trip Pre- or Post- the Folsom Street Fair, might be just what the Leather Lady or Laddy in You needs to explore.

Wine Women and Song make a big spash the last weekend in Miami for Aqua Girl. Pre- or Post- that with a Bahamas or Caribbean cruise. “Friends of Dorothy” are on every ship. Just ask.

Coming in October the All Women Olivia French and Italian Riviera from Rome to Monte Carlo might be Your pursuit. Men, be a Celebrity and Eclipse Your cruise agenda on the Mexican Riviera with Atlantis in October.

New are our Travel Trivia Trios. Are You a Virgo or Virgo-Friendly? Do Blue Sapphires put a gleam in Your eye? Yes Fall Foliage does happen OUT West at Gem Mountain outside Butte Montana near Glacier and Yellowstone Parks for a “dig ’em Yourself”. (FYI, Senator Clark of Clark County built his “copper” chateau in Butte. Now an Art Museum).

Virgos are generous. How about a Voluntourism trip to Mexico with Habitat for Humanity? Would You rather SPRING, then FALL? Virgo Spirits rise as high as the Andes in Machu Picchu, Peru. It’s their Vernal Equinox. Did You know Trujillo Peru has Pyramids!

Visa is more than the brand on Your credit/debit card. Many countries require a Pre Purchased visa to enter along with Your passport. Worst Case is Afghanistan with only 5 visa-free destinations. The Best cases are the Asian Trio of Singapore, Japan and Korea, 190, 189 and 187, visa-free destinations, respectively.

As we worry about borders, we USA passport holders get only 166 visa free countries to visit.

Planning travel can be confusing. We’re here to help with maps, reminders etc. Nonstop flights are great but sometimes ConneXtions are cheaper or necessary.

We can help You avoid or navigate the world’s six worst airports. From 6 to 1, it’s Atlanta Hartsfield, Washington Dulles, London Heathrow, LA International, DeGaulle Paris and Frankfurt Germany (go nonstop on Condor).

Closing on a Happy note here are the 5 happiest cities in the USA, 3 of which are OUT front on an LGBTQ-friendly list. Boulder, Co; San Luis Obispo, Ca; Santa Cruz, Ca; Charlottesville, Va and Provo, Ut.

In closing, I had a fabulous Pride trip to Salt Lake City. You should plan now for 2020.

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