Q & A: DJ Axis discusses the language of life and dancing as a tribal experience


Johnny Randall is known as DJ Axis and performs at various venues throughout the Valley. You can see him at Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue spinning the tunes in Fashion Show mall on the Strip nearly every weekend. He also performs at AFAN events. He grew up in Houston and has lived in Las Vegas for two decades. The Spectrum caught up with him and asked a few questions for our Spotlight Q&A.

You call music “the language of life.” Can you tell us what you mean by that?
We can communicate emotions and tell stories with sounds, a language that every human understands and feels. Try watching a movie without music or sound effects.

You seem to have a great, positive attitude. To what do you attribute that?
My ability not to judge anyone or buy into stereotypes. My mother always told us as children, “Think for yourself.” Life is too short to waste time being angry.

You seem to have a special connection with AFAN. Can you tell us why you are such a big fan?
AFAN and I have had an ongoing entertainment relationship for many years. I love being able to help any community organization, when I can. For me, it’s a great opportunity to use my skills and give, at the same time.

You say you play all kinds of music, but house music is your favorite. Why is this your favorite?
House music (not EDM) uses instruments from all genres and the tempo is perfect for dancing. Dancing is an excellent way for people to exercise, connect and release stress. Dancing is a tribal experience that needs to be done more often.

What is your favorite gig?
AFAN Black and White Party

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