As We See It: Remove Trump and GOP Senators


So the Criminal-in-Chief has been impeached. There will be a trial in the Senate but whether it’ll be a fair trial or simply a rigged trial, remains to be seen.

One day, when Trump is out of office and all the crimes come to light, those responsible for the delays and coverups, whether in the Senate or House, must be held responsible. Some will be held accountable at the ballot box, while others will be held accountable by prosecutors in the Justice Department, once the inmates aren’t running the asylum.

Let’s briefly go through a few of the excuses Trump and his enablers are using to avoid justice.

The argument that the president could not defend himself during the impeachment investigation fails. He declined to testify, declined to be interviewed, refused to supply documents and refused to allow his staff and former staff members to testify. Now, he claims it was a sham investigation. Well, he’s the one who stonewalled. It’s a bit late to complain.

The president and his supporters like to claim that the Democrats have sought to impeach the president since before he took office. There is some truth in that. When every security and intelligence agency said that Trump and his campaign conspired with Russia to influence the election, a desire to impeach would be understandable.

During the first two years of his presidency, the GOP was in control of the House, so no action could be taken.

Then, the Dems waited for the Mueller report, which many believed would be the vehicle for impeachment. When the Mueller report was completed, the president and Attorney General William Barr spent weeks spinning the report. When a heavily redacted version was released, it had become useless.

Many Democrats gave up and decided to wait for the electorate to oust the crook in the 2020 elections. The damage had been done and he wouldn’t dare continue his criminal activities, now that the country knew what he had done.

Oh, but he did. Quite openly in fact. Confessed to it and doubled down, doing it again but this time with Ukraine, in an effort to get Russia off the hook (and get sanctions lifted) from the 2016 elections.

The 2016 elections were criminally influenced. It was happening again for 2020 and the president openly told us about it. The Democrats had to act.

Do we hate and loathe the president? No more than we hate and loathe the guy who robs the bank and then does it again, rubbing our noses in the fact.

The Steele Dossier? Nothing of substance has been disproven. The only item not proven, is existence of the “pee tapes.” Even if they exist, we suspect there are more serious things that the Russians have on Trump, otherwise even he wouldn’t do their bidding. Teflon Don has survived more salacious situations.

The whistle blower? That individual had a legal right to bring their concerns to Congress and remain confidential. The charges were confirmed by other witnesses. Sure, the whistle blower alerted Congress where to look for confirmation, but that person’s identity doesn’t need to be disclosed. Ruining a career, compromising a person’s safety and exacting revenge is all that would occur if their identity was disclosed. T

he House provided every opportunity for Trump to show his innocence. His response was to not cooperate, not send witnesses and not supply documents. This is evidence in the charges of contempt of congress and abuse of power. From a common sense standpoint, it tells the world he is guilty as hell.

And finally, the obvious. Not one GOP Senate/House member has stood up for the president’s character or said he didn’t seek foreign influence in our elections. In fact, not one of them has even said Trump is a good man. The fact that not one Republican senator or representative has come out in favor of removing Trump from office, only tells us that none of these GOP members should be re-elected.