The Rock Report: Farewell, Donny and Marie



This report is dedicated to the year we have just experienced – the year in review – with the good, the bad, and the ugly. Some things were very ugly!!!

In the positive realm, Donny and Marie closed their act at the Flamingo after an 11-year run. Now, Marie is doing something she is really excited about, that is, being the host of the TV show, “The Talk!” She is terrific as the host of this group of ladies. During the later part of her run she flew back and forth on her private jet to make curtain time here in Las Vegas and production call time in LA! If you recall, Marie has a lot of TV history, including the Donny and Marie variety show and two talk shows that did not work out. This one is a winner!

Next, the greatest international star, the one who ‘built’ the Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace, Celine, my beautiful and talented diva, is now on a world tour! Let’s talk about her fashion sense!!! She always had great purses, but some of her recent ensembles are too much over the top. Even yours truly, who wears the most unique combinations of prints and stripes and dots and onesies , am aghast at some of her looks! Hint: Celine, call Monti Rock to put you together correctly. Your recent fashion advisers have done you wrong! You are a model for high fashion so go that route. Show what it is like to be the muse of a long-gone Givenchy. Remember Audrey Hepburn? She was thin as you and yet was always glamorous without being overdone. Think Givenchy. His styles would work incredibly on you!

Whoopie (Pie) Goldberg, one of the hosts of The View, now has her own fashion line and stores. Can you believe that? I am choking thinking of it. Someone put it in her head that she knows fashion. Not!! I want to thank Rob, his darling husband Lucas, and all of my readers who came to the opening of my cabaret in the English Garden Florist shop. Some even did open mic singing! The highlight of the evening was the great blues singer Pastor Erma Henderson who jazzed up the crowd and made me long for the days of Dinah Washington and Ella Fitzgerald. Yes, this lady can really sing. The joint was jumping. The beat was scatting. The piano was manned and beautifully rendered by her husband, Tony Henderson. Wow!! David, who owns the establishment, was a whiz on the skins (drums). All I can say is that no one was bored. The gals were dancing, the guys were smiling and the hours passed like lightning!

Now, l went to see R.U.N., which is at the Luxor in the theater that once housed Criss Angel (my very own Christmas angel!). They practically gutted the room to create the space for this very different Cirque du Soleil production. There are no acrobatic feats happening as per the norm. It is like a Marvel action comics dream of trucks and crashes and people who are doing amazing stunts. It starts with a wedding that has gone bad. Two rival gangs want the bride’s necklace and fights and feverish action ensue. This is not for the faint hearted.

What has happened to Olivia Newton John? She has gone through so many health scares but now she is going on tour with none other than her Grease co-star, John Travolta!!

This December, I am grateful for many things. This week Lu and I hosted a party for a dear friend who was moving away after many years living here. It was incredible! The ambiance of the restaurant and the Americana in Desert Shores is unparalleled in just about every area! The food is totally gourmet and divine! The service is impeccable! The way we were treated was incredible! From appetizers of octopus and a cheese board to salads and great wines and cocktails, to the main course of steaks and salmon, and desserts of creme brulee and the finest Cappuccino Italian style, coffee, and even a pumpkin cheesecake! This hidden restaurant is phenomenal!

As we head to the time when other climates have snow we can use snow globes as a reminder of how the flakes of dusty white and tinsel shake across the worlds we inhabit and give a glow to all those who can remember what it is like to let it snow, let it snow, let it snow, and get on your sleigh and sleigh them all! Happy Holidays, a great New Year and all of Zozo (who plays Rudolf this time of year) and his other little Pomeranian reindeer give Santa Monti a – hey – ho – ho – ho ride across the skies and deliver your fondest wishes!

Monti Rock III and ZoZo – the wonder celebrity dog!