Are you a set-jetter? Movie-set destinations for travel


Set Jetters believe Travel should be an Adventure. They choose vacation/travel destinations for what they can see and experience.

This is often inspired by a recent or recently rescrened movie or TV Show. Currently because the “Favourite” which many refer to as “QueenAnne,” “Downton Abbey,” the Harry Potter films and “Game of Thrones,” the United Kingdom, England, Scotland, N. Ireland, Wales and even Ireland are key destinations. Nonstop from Las Vegas to London is easy and affordable when you use our “consolidator” fares. Start in London City for “the Favourite” for “Queen Anne” on to the Midlands for Downton Abbey or over to North Ireland for Game of Thrones.

Closer to home, Skiers on vacation to Banff/Lake Louise can side trip to “Brokeback Mountain” locations, many within 60 miles of Banff or Calgary. Other sets/locations are near Jackson Hole in Wyoming. Though there are no nonstops form Vegas to Wyoming, our own Allegiant has destinations that surround the movie sights with flights to Billings, Ft. Collins and maybe double dip into Rapid City and include Mt. Rushmore! Do You know the Hitchcock film?

From Mountain Tops to Down Under, both Australia and New Zealand are key locations for “Crocodile Dundee” and “Priscilla Queen of the Desert.” Did You know that Russel Crowe was first known for the 1994 film “The Sum of Us?” New Zealand, known best for the “Hobbit” trilogy also hosted the “Narnia” trilogy. They even have a Brokeback Mountain-style film about “Kawa,” a Maori man. Further west from New Zealand, travel to India, the award winning and Netflix “Evening Shadows,” which was filmed mostly in Mumbai (Bombay). Many scenes in the Unesco archaeological site of Talkadu, India, have now legaliized LGBTQ so Bolywood can now be truly polyamorous!

Africa has many exotic sites where LGBTQ film scene focus primarily on South Africa or Tunisia because Muslim northern African countries tend to be less than friendly. “The World Unseen,” made in 2007 is based in the 1950’s and gives us basically a Lesbian film set in the pre Apartheid days. The Arab Film Institute listed 18 LGBTQ films to view during the 2019 Pride month. Locations and settings are primarily set in Israel, Jordan, Egypt and Morocco. “Oriented” is particularly interesting and is about the coupling of an Israeli and a Palestinian.

The Lesbian focused “In Between,” features an inter-religious Muslim/Christian plot. Check OUT this link to being OUT from Bahrain to Palestine. Visit the_Middle_East

So when YOU are SET to JET in search of Your favorite movie location AAnswer on Travel is ready to Direct You in Producing your Blockbuster experience.