Drag: Combing Through the Big Wigs of Show Biz


I hope everyone was able to check out the many LGBTQ+ library events that we held last month. There has been a lot of controversy about Drag Queen Story Hour, but these events have the full support of LVCCLD administration. Our district is proud to support the very diverse population that we serve. We have programs of interest to the LGBTQ+ community throughout the year. Coming Up:

Author Frank DeCaro will talk about his book, “Drag: Combing Through the Big Wigs of Show Business” at the Clark County Library on Sunday, Oct. 15 at 2 p.m.

Tomas Gaspar’s documentary photo exhibition, “An American Family: An Aids Legacy (1989-2019),” will be on display at the West Charleston Library, through Dec. 3. Stay tuned for more information about events for World AIDS Day.


Drag: Combing Through the Big Wigs of Show Business” by Frank DeCaro; Forward by Bruce Vilanch

This book is basically an encyclopedia of drag. Frank gives a great overview of the history of drag, from Shakespeare’s time until now. This is a must read for anyone who has ever watched a drag show or “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” Although drag did not start this nor last century, it has been an integral part of the LGBTQ+ civil rights movement. I have loved Frank DeCaro since I first heard him on the now defunct Sirius Out-Q Radio. His history lessons come with a dose of humor and sarcasm. The history is interspersed with interviews, which brings a personal quality to this tome.

There are biographical sketches for many drag queens and, as some prefer to be called, female illusionists. I was familiar with many of the names but not with all they have accomplished. Since I am a history buff, I really enjoyed the historical parts of the book, but there is a ton of information on more recent drag queens to satisfy everyone’s interests.

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