Center in Las Vegas to launch women’s programs


By Cynthia Hall

Big things are happening in the Las Vegas lesbian community! What, you ask? Well, the biggest, and in my humble opinion, the best is that The Center of Southern Nevada is finally getting some funding specifically earmarked for the women! For the first time EVER lesbian programing at our Center will be funded. What does that mean? It means that we’ll be able to have more programming for women, more events and more resources.

Plans are already in the works to create new programs and expand the L Group, which meets every Friday night at 6 p.m. Plus look for a bigger and better Vegas Women’s Fest in March. It has been expanded from a single-day event to two fun-fi lled days! The festival had more than 350 women in attendance last year and the ladies are out to double it in 2019.

Not only has The Center made a new commitment to the lesbian community, SNAPI, Southern Nevada Association of Pride Inc., the folks who put on our Pride celebration each year, also recently made a pledge to include more women in the organizing and festivities, as well as the other fractionalized LGBTQ+ communities in Vegas. During their November board meeting, new board president, Brady McGill promised to the packed room that the SNAPI board will make more of an effort to ref ect our entire community at next year’s pride and vowed to work with everyone to make that a reality.

Lez Vegas in Motion
Meet-up’s Lez Vegas in Motion also has a new president, Carol Thompson, who took over the group a few months back and has, along with the other great organizers, been making sure there’s lots of cool new events for us to go to every month.

Book club and karaoke
There’s a weekly book group that meets every Thursday night at 7 p.m., as well as monthly karaoke at lesbian-owned, Pour Coffeehouse, 6811 S. Eastern Ave. Plus, they also off er regular hikes, game nights, pool nights, coffee socials and oh so much more.

Carol says the group is super friendly and welcoming to new attendees and open to all women from 18 to 118. You can join them at and get their monthly schedule or contact Carol
at for more information about the group.

Lesbian Topic Parties
Another group on the rise is the Lesbian Topic Parties hosted monthly by Chrissy Lee. The event brings women together to talk about all kinds of interesting and fun topics.

Do threesomes ruin a relationship? Can you be with a “touch-me-not” or “pillow princess?” Sound interesting? They also have blind dating, raffles and date nights. Come join this uniquely fun group at their next free party on Jan. 12 at The Center, 401 S. Maryland Parkway from 7 to 10 p.m. Email Chrissy at christie2118@gmail. com for more information or join them on FaceBook at groups/311287329607478/

Betty’s Outrageous Adventures is still alive and well, celebrating 18 years in Vegas. This social group has over
300 members, a monthly newsletter you can sign up for at and a FaceBook page that will help keep you up-to-date on all things Betty.

In closing, I would like to thank Bill Schafer and Night Beat magazine for so many years of support for the Las Vegas lesbian community and for me, personally. Bill, you helped make so many of my
dreams come true, thank you, my friend!