Why 550,000 Nevadans should be disappointed in Gov. Steve Sisolak



Why 550,000 Nevadans should be disappointed in Gov. Steve Sisolak


We promised last month, to say something about Gov. Steve Sisolak and a living wage. Quite plainly, if Chris Giunchigliani was our governor, she would have spearheaded the drive in the

Nevada Legislature to pass a $15/hour living wage. Instead, those in the “living wage” fight, said Sisolak told Assemblyman Jason Frierson and others, that he would only support a $12/hour minimum, graduated wage increase. An estimated 550,000 Nevadans are paid less than $15 per hour and they were sold short. Had all those 550,000 voted, most likely they wouldn’t be stuck with the $12/hour rate, which will still take four years to fully obtain. Shame on you Sisolak. When you won the primary, you promised to be as “progressive” as Chris G. Certainly, you’re a 100-times better than the carpet-bagger, Adam Laxalt. The problem is, you failed us on the living wage. We just want it to be crystal clear that you’ve disappointed us – as did all the legislators who weren’t willing to stand up to you. That is why, we again remind our friends at SEIU, the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada (PLAN) Battle Born Progress, other unions and socially progressive influencers, that the time is now to make demands on the Clark County Commission and our municipal governing bodies. Those elected officials need to mandate that anyone doing business with local governments, must be paying the current Nevada minimum wage, plus $3 and hour. With that contractual caveat, we’ll accomplish what the Governor and Legislature failed to do.


Is the Spectrum endorsing Sen. Elizabeth Warren?


Not yet. We will endorse whatever Democrat wins that party’s nomination and we may make an endorsement prior to the Nevada Democratic caucuses.

We’re running the Senator’s column because she asked. She understands the impact of the Spectrum’s acquisition of the same-gender marriage list, which includes registered and unregistered persons from every political party. Our real goal is to influence elections, from the President to school board, city council and even justices of the peace. If you understand that, and are reading this magazine via a complimentary mailed copy, you’ll also understand why we want you to subscribe. It keeps this list going and our ability to expand our reach into the LGBTQIA+ community. To subscribe or sponsor us, text JOINSPECTRUM to 555888. Rates from $9.95/yr. to $500. Thanks for joining us in uniting and informing our community. Your advertising is always appreciated.