Sin Sity Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence wow ‘em at Red Dress

Sin City Sisters at the Red Dress Party.

Sister Oh Livia, Postulant Loyalty, Sister Prudence, Sister Faith, Mother Loosy, Sister Gloria Areola, Sister Ema, Sentry Fortitude, and Novice Sister Maria. Women from the Women’s Festival, 2019 Anna Duvet, Empress Taylor Trash, Emppeor Alex Brooks, Joe Benton Sainted and honored by the Sisters, from left: Kristopher Minnich, Saint Otterly the Best Observer of Time; LA Walker, Saint No Labels of the Theatre; Sacred Sister Supporter, Flamboyance The Show, Stephanie Danderson and Cast; Rachel Rogers, Saint Fierce Pink Lady of Special Forces; Sacred Sister Supporter, Gender Justice Las Vegas with (volunteer) Lisa McClung; Saint Lady Behind the Lenz of Life, Brian Bonds; Saint Stoney Pup Puff Puff Pass Dat Ass, Mason Lear; and Saint Mason Smiles of the Midwest Skies, The Holy Order Sin Sity Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Inc. produced their 13th annual Red Dress. This year’s theme was Exotic Erotic Chaotic and was held at the Industrial event space, the fi rst time at this venue.

The night started off with a VIP party with cocktails and mingling with with guests. The Sin Sity Sisters also recognized several community members by Sainting them and awarding two groups the Sacred Sister Supporter honor. The evening was carried on by two amazing emcees, Diana Prince and Matt Cox. The night was filled with entertainment. DJ Matt Cansola kept everyone on the dance floor, spinning everyone’s favorite music.

The reason the Sin Sity Sisters produce this event is to bring back memories of the RED RIBBON, reminding locals that HIV/ AIDS are still in our lives and the community still has to fi ght.

HIV/AIDS treatment has made incredible advances over the years but people and still getting infected and dying, so the Sisters will continue to host this event. Sin Sity Sisters continues to bring awareness and raise money for meds.

All of the proceeds go to the Sisters AIDS Drug Assistant Program (SADAP). Visit the Sisters’ web site, or visit their Facebook page for more information about their programs, including what the Sisters are doing at the Nunnery.

The Sisters thank those who participated and attending. The next Red Dress will be held on Feb. 20, 2020.

The Sisters can be contacted at (702) 591 6969 or PO Box 60005, Las Vegas, NV 89160. The Nunnery is located at 900 E. Karen Ave., Suite A218.