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Why we exist.

Never in the LGBTQ history has there
been a comprehensive list of our
community. With marriage legal, it
created a public record of same gender
households. If you’re getting this
magazine in the mail, you’re likely on
the marriage or partner list.
While the political power of our
community has been used to gain some
equality, we’ve never had a mailing list
that reached all segments of our
The Spectrum is likely the first organization
in the U.S. to mine this data.
The potential to unite and empower our
community is phenomenal.
We print 11,000 copies each month and
mail over 6,200 copies. Our goal is to
mail 14,000+ copies.
You can support our goal by helping
offset our postage or printing bills.
Subscribe or sponsor us, starting at
$9.95 per year. $50 or more and we’ll
send you our limited edition, Spectrum
messenger bag.

Text JoinSpectrum to 555888

We direct mail over 6,000 copies per month. We have a plan to reach the entire LGBTQIA+ community in Southern Nevada. It does cost a lot of money and your help by subscribing or sponsoring us, is both appreciated and needed.

Many people are willing to cover their postage and/or printing costs. Others are willing to do more. Sponsorships are essentially donations to make sure we continue doing what we do best: Report on the local news in our community – and to do so inclusively.

If you value what we’re doing, you can contribute financially by sponsoring us or advertising. If you have a business, advertising is generally deductible.

To subscribe or sponsor, click on the link below. Select the financial level you’re comfortable with. After you hit the submit button you will be sent to PayPal to complete your sponsorship (use a credit card or PayPal – you don’t need a PayPal account) . You can also mail checks, payable to Las Vegas Spectrum, to 2550 E Desert Inn Rd #242, Las Vegas, NV 89121. And THANKS very much!